Telling stories about food,  
through design and photography.

Available to work in Mexico City and remotely.

My services:

  • Food Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Restaurant photography

Industrial + Food

(Research) (Personal Project) 
︎ 2021

Visual research project into the concept
of “industrial food”.

This consisted of great research into the history
of the industrial era and the new materials,
processes and interactions it introduced.

We wrap and box and package everything.
We color, we shape, and we encapsulate food
according to our specific needs.

This project ultimately aims to explore: How does
the introduction of new materials and processes
affect our relationship with food? Are we touching
our food less? Is there now an invisible, but ever
so present, barrier between us and our food? If so,
how does that ultimately shape us as a society?