(Event) (Food Installation) 
︎ 2023

Materia Cruda is an interactive experience of edible
instalations that let curiosity and playfulness be the guide.

Traces of black tahini and hummus are drawn on light
tables by participants. What starts out as a blank canvas
is now being transformed by people playing and exploring
tahini tables and mermelade-filled PVC tubes scatterred
around the exhibition space. 

Specific visuals were also proyected to acompany 
the eating experience, alongside the overall ambient,
lighting and music design. 

Rafa Salas & Nidia Juárez


Alejandro Argumedo, Ariel McQueen, Silvisabel

Mr. Shh

FDzeeN Launch

(Event) (Food Installation) 
︎ 2022

FDzeeN is Food Design Nation’s periodical publication
that features contributions from 15+ designers, artists,
creatives and scientists across 10 countries. Each brings
their personal perspective that explores the question:
How might we ensure access to safe & nutritious
food for all?

I organized, coordinated and created an edible art
installation to celebrate and officially launch FDzeeN
in Mexico City.

This event also had the objective of creating spaces
to further strengthen the Food Design community in
Mexico City. Through food we connect, we talk and we
collaborate so that we can actively work on creating
the food future we want to see.  

Nidia Muñoz Zurita

Ixchel G. Galvéz & Georgina Ávila

Art installation concept
Aspic Studio


UMANI fermentos & UNIÓN mezcal.

More information on Food Design Nation’s efforts


(Personal Project) (Experimental) 
︎ 2022

This experimental photo series comes from TRAUMA.

Through my work I try to understand more about
the complexity of human emotions, especially
my own experiences.

It all started with my deeper dive into my anxiety,
which is something I suffer from frequently but
rarely show because it manifests in the sneakiest
of ways. Like how I grind my teeth so hard every
single night that I wake up with blood on my mouth,
everyday headaches and a permanent ringing
in my ears, which ironically, makes me even more

So, I began to uncover pieces of my life that I’ve
always carried with me so that I can understand
and treat myself better.

One of those moments is the day I drowned.

I can’t remember any of it consciously, though.
I was only about three years old. I was playing
by my childhood home’s pool and accidentally fell.
I, of course, survived. And even if I can’t remember
any of it, my unconscious dreams are filled with water.

I’m drowning, I’m stuck, it’s chaotic and it’s quiet...
like being suspended in time.

This experience, and especially, these dreams,
is what I wanted to experiment and express with
this particular photographic series.

YACA ÑACA(Product) (Promotional Photography) 

︎ 2022

Product photography and creative direction
for YACA ÑACA’s new product campaign.

I experimented with shapes that would reflect
the brand’s visual identity by using painted hoses.
This gave the series a playful vibe while at the
same time showcasing the main product with bold
colors and intriguing shapes.

More on YACA ÑACA 

Alma Tierra

(Promotional Photography) 
︎ 2021

Photography showing Alma Tierra's regenerative
agriculture fields.

Alma Tierra grows beautiful organic produce
and distributes it all over Mexico.

Restaurant and menu photography development for more than 15 different beverages and dishes. 

More information here: