Telling stories about food,  
through design and photography.

Available to work in Mexico City and remotely.

My services:

  • Food Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Creative Direction
  • Restaurant photography


(Personal Project) (Experimental) 
︎ 2022

This experimental photo series comes from TRAUMA.

Through my work I try to understand more about
the complexity of human emotions, especially
my own experiences.

It all started with my deeper dive into my anxiety,
which is something I suffer from frequently but
rarely show because it manifests in the sneakiest
of ways. Like how I grind my teeth so hard every
single night that I wake up with blood on my mouth,
everyday headaches and a permanent ringing
in my ears, which ironically, makes me even more

So, I began to uncover pieces of my life that I’ve
always carried with me so that I can understand
and treat myself better.

One of those moments is the day I drowned.

I can’t remember any of it consciously, though.
I was only about three years old. I was playing
by my childhood home’s pool and accidentally fell.
I, of course, survived. And even if I can’t remember
any of it, my unconscious dreams are filled with water.

I’m drowning, I’m stuck, it’s chaotic and it’s quiet...
like being suspended in time.

This experience, and especially, these dreams,
is what I wanted to experiment and express with
this particular photographic series.